Step to the Next Stage as a Pioneer.

We have chosen to change our company name to SENQCIA on of January 1, 2016 and take a new step forward.

The DNA of high-quality manufacturing cultivated in the Hitachi Group will continue to be inherited after the change in the company name. Furthermore, we aim to enter new business fields, advance globalization, and other strategies for growth upon our second founding. I would like to ask for your continued support.


  • 1Uses the image of "Q" in the new company name SENQCIA to express our awareness and passion toward "Quality."
    Origin of the Name: A Japanese word "Senkusha" meaning pioneer. Represents fine "Sense" and deep dedication towards high "Quality."
  • 2The line running to the upper right of the circular shape represents "Earth"and "Progress," embodying our will to develop globally.
  • 3The dynamic design represents our stance of always being a "pioneer" that lead the times by creating unique innovative products.
  • 4Orange, which conveys activeness and familiarity, and gray, which convey flexibility and reliability, are used as brand colors.
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Step to the Next Stage as a Pioneer