Why Choose SENQCIA

SENQCIA is comprised of four diverse businesses.

It all started with the company's material handling business, in which it has over 100 years of history and know-how dating back to when it first began manufacturing chain. The company later expanded into the floor systems business with the development and manufacturing of raised floors, a first in Japan.
It also is involved in the structural systems business, which developed the company's HIBASE exposed-type braced column base method.
And finally, it operates a rooftop systems business, which underpins building an environmentally conscious society through green-energy generation and energy conservation.

Product reliability

SENQCIA has accumulated vast skill and know-how concerning metal. With over 100 years of experience in the material handling business, the company can harness the collective knowledge it has accumulated over that time to deliver order-made products with the optimal materials for its customers' needs. These are none other than made-in-Japan-quality products that deliver satisfaction with each and every order.

Advanced development and technological capabilities

In recent years, the company has moved into new markets for high added value products by harnessing its technology and know-how concerning metal. It continues to create new and innovative products, including under-floor air-conditioning systems that efficiently regulate indoor temperatures, seismic vibration dampers that protect buildings against earthquakes, and chain that cuts down on maintenance by eliminating the need for manual lubrication.

Thorough service

SENQCIA treats each and every customer with the utmost courtesy and importance, including placing an emphasis on order-made chain products for which planning, proposals, and manufacturing are carried out in line with customer requirements. This is a level of service that is only possible with the company's combination of detail-oriented sales capabilities and advanced technological capabilities developed over its long history.