GINZA KABUKIZA, Shochiku Company Limited

GINZA KABUKIZA, conceived as the spiritual successor of the original Kabukiza Theater, was completed in 2013 as a combination theater and office building. Our HIRING Ⅱ Method, a reinforcement solution for steel beam through-holes, was adopted as a construction method that delivered true reliability and peace of mind befitting a next-generation building.


Shochiku Company Limited

Founded in 1895, Shochiku is involved in the production, promotion, and distribution of Japanese movies and plays. It has a near monopoly on kabuki performances in Japan and has long been a force in preserving traditional Japanese culture.

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Effects and Advantages of the HIRING Ⅱ Method

  • High degree of design freedom
  • Decreased costs and reduced construction time thanks to streamlined work
  • Construction method certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and rated by The Building Center of Japan

Conventional reinforcement methods for steel beam through-holes generally use sleeve or plate reinforcement. But these methods have little in the way of freedom in drawing up facilities plans because of the limits on the diameter and location of beam through-holes that come with the uncertainty in their reinforcement effect. The HIRING Ⅱ Method, on the other hand, uses special standardized reinforcement hardware (HIRING) that solves these problems, while at the same time streamlining steel beam work, and thereby lowering costs and shortening construction time.

The customer evaluated the effects (including freedom of design and design method, safety, and streamlining) of HIRING Ⅱ by having studied and compared it to conventional plate reinforcement. They ultimately chose to use it in the high-rise building (Kabukiza Tower) that they built behind the Kabukiza Theater, and they were impressed by the substantial effect it had on reducing construction time by contributing to the efficiency of steel beam work.

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