TIS Inc.

TIS Inc. chose our A600L and G600L lines of floor panels with highly customizable design capabilities for its new 20,000m2 data center building called "GDC Gotenyama".


TIS Inc.

Since its establishment in 1971, TIS Inc. has been providing system integration, entrusted development, and IT solutions including data centers, cloud services etc.
Recent years, TIS Inc. develops its business around the world, especially China and ASEAN regions, and contributes to more than 3000 companies/customers in various industries such as finance, manufacturing, distribution, services, public utilities and telecommunication etc.



  • Special surface treatment
  • Security measures

TIS Inc. has chosen to use many of our products in the past, including those for its raised floors at its distinctively designed data center in Osaka. For its newly built data center building called "GDC Gotenyama", they requested a variety of surface finishes for the floor panels to be used in a server room that could double as a company showroom.
The company also wanted a secure raised floor that had panels and wiring that only the administrator in charge could maintain. We answered their request by using a design in which floor panels could only be removed/replaced using a special tool.

Features and Evaluation

The surface finishes of the floor panels we supplied for this project varied widely, including NiCr plating, aluminum, and anodized aluminum + vibration. For the vibration finish, the customer had a number of requests, including a slightly matte look and continuity between adjacent panels, and they were very satisfied with the results.

With the rising demand for data centers, we continue to receive all manner of requests concerning raised floors, such as seismic isolation, earthquake-proofing, security, air conditioning efficiency, and improved maintenance that includes cable laying. Feel free to contact us for suggestions on the best products and specifications to suit your needs.

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