Densan. Co., Ltd. New head office building

Densan's new head office building, completed in the spring of 2013, has a vaulted design in the center that creates a wide-open space from the first floor to the fourth floor. Its superb design resulted in it winning the 26th Nagano-shi Landscape Award. Our floor system for under-floor air-conditioning (Bifu) was chosen for the floors of this stylish building.


Densan. Co., Ltd.

Established in 1966, Densan operates under its corporate mission of "offering customers work that is one notch above the rest, as well as convenience to people's lives by employing advanced information technology with great imagination and passion." The company is contributing to the advancement of local informatization through the development of various information systems and service for supporting network operation.



  • Energy-saving measures
  • Venting of office heat

The building has a vaulted area at its center, stretching from the first floor to the fourth floor. This open-space layout has a cutting-edge design that incorporates a variety of energy-saving measures. On the other hand, the large number of heat-generating office equipment, including computers, brings to the fore the issue of how do design the building's air conditioning to vent all that heat.

Effects and Advantages of the Bifu Under-Floor Air-Conditioning System

  • Energy savings (cuts energy used for air conditioning by 10 to 15%)
  • Comfort
  • Effective air conditioning

The Bifu under-floor air-conditioning system provides comfortable living and working spaces by venting heating and air conditioning through the floor. Furthermore, the mechanism of venting from the floor and taking in air through the ceiling is effective as a way to exhaust the heat of an office where a large number of computers and other office equipment are used.

Features and Evaluation

Densan's requests for wide-open office space and energy-saving measures ran contrary to each other at times, but they appreciated our suggestions that envisioned various installation environments and specifications established by the design firm, including data measurements on our demo room after we had revamped it to the environmental specifications for this project.
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