Shin Higashi Nihon Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The company has chosen our VC Chain for use in conveying sugar in the final process. We developed our VC Chain to be both wear resistant and corrosion resistant.


Shin Higashi Nihon Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1971, the company has provided a stable supply of safe, high-quality sugar to households across Japan under its many brands, including the "cup jirushi" and "clover" brands. It produces more sugar than any other company in Japan.

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  • High wear resistance and corrosion resistance

Sugar mills can be broadly grouped into those that produce raw sugar from sugar cane and those that produce refined sugar from raw sugar, but in either case, chain is used for conveyance purposes during the manufacturing process.
Since refined sugar will be directly consumed by consumers, the development of a chain that combines high wear resistance with high corrosion resistance is a crucial issue, because it prevents metallic powder from wear and rust from corrosion from contaminating the product while it is being conveyed.

Effects and Advantages of the VC Chain

  • High wear resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Order-made suitable for usage environment

VC Chain was developed to increase the machining precision and hardness of each of its components in order to improve wear resistance. It also raises corrosion resistance by using a special surface treatment on each chain component.
It is not only safe to use in food production, it also has a long service life thanks to its high wear resistance with high corrosion resistance.

We not only have chain products that countless customers are using at raw sugar plants in Japan and internationally, we also have developed chains that can be used in refined sugar plants.
We develop and propose the optimal chain solutions for our customers' purposes.

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