Domestic Integrated Iron and Steel Mill

One of the leading domestic integrated iron and steel mills adopted our Oil-Sealed Unloader Chain.



  • Decreased rate of operation due to lubrication
  • Oil dispersal

Inside the mill there is large harbor loading and unloading equipment that unloads raw material (including iron ore) from ships using an unloader. Continuous unloaders use chain to handle loads, but conventional chains require periodic lubrication wherein each time the equipment must be shut down, resulting in a decreased rate of operation.
Furthermore, the rising environmental awareness of recent years has resulted in the demand for the prevention of environmental pollution from oil dispersed from unloaders.

Effects and Advantages of the Continuous Bucket Unloader Chain

  • No need for periodic lubrication
  • Improved productivity
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Environmentally conscious thanks to no oil dispersal

Our Oil-Sealed Unloader Chain impregnates and seals lubricant between the pins and bushings, thereby eliminating the need for the periodic lubrication, which has the added benefit of improving productivity and decreasing maintenance costs. And since the sealed design prevents impregnated oil from being dispersed into the surrounding area, it is an environmentally conscious product.

Features and Evaluation

The customer has praised our product for its ability to lower costs, including the reduced maintenance costs that come with not having to add lubricant, and for its environmental performance, specifically how it did not disperse oil into the area around the equipment.
This has led us to deliver this chain and other types of oil-sealed chain to a broad spectrum of customers, including other steel mills, electric power companies, cement companies, coal centers that store and distribute coal, and even customers overseas.

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