Hydraulic vibration damper HIBUILDAM

Efficient way to resist earthquake

HIBUILDAM is passive hydraulic vibration control device that absorbs building vibration by using the fluid resistance of oil. This product can absorb the vibration generated by big earthquakes and strong wind, and has been widely applied to super high to low buildings. This product helps to create buildings that have excellent seismic resistance and comfortable living spaces.

Difference between earthquake proof, base isolation and response control.

Earthquake proof
A structure built to withstand earthquakes up to severe magnitude. Interior damage may not be prevented.
Base isolation
Structure uses horizontally elastic isolation devices between ground base and building structure. By lengthening the natural period and slowing vibration reduces damage to the inside of the structure.
Response control
Structure uses vibration dampening devices to reduce damage to the structure. Most effective against a wide range of magnitude and irregular period of earthquakes.

Earthquake proof

  • Withstand vibration
  • Strong vibration

Base isolation

  • Isolate from vibration
  • Slow and large vibration

Response control

  • Control vibration
  • Reduce vibration


HIBUILDAM reduces both story drift angle and shear force by up to 35-45% (25 story-Building)

Story drift angle
Shear force

Delivery Case Studies of Building Constructional Component

Kajima Corporation Akasaka K-Tower

The seismic isolation technology Kajima Corporation chose to use at this new landmark building was our HIBUILDAM hydraulic seismic vibration dampers.


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