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Here is an introduction to the products we have researched and developed to blaze new frontiers in building structural elements wherever performance reliability and ease of installation is in demand. Illustrations and other easy-to-understand information below provide a more in-depth explanation of our innovative products.

HIBASE method: Endless evolution for some forty years

Our HIBASE series has continued to garner customer trust for some forty years, and has even become synonymous with exposed-type column bases. Here we would like to introduce the Super HIBASE Construction Method Type GX, one of the many products from the series.

CLEARBASE Method: New product that revolutionized the nearly 40-history of column bases

Here is an introduction to CLEARBASE, a completely new concept in covered-type elasticity braced column bases that debuted in July 2010 for use in small and medium-size buildings, including convenience stores and multi-use residential buildings.

HIGHRING Ⅱ Method: An epoch-making product that defies conventional wisdom at construction sites

Here is an introduction to the HIGHRING Ⅱ Method, an epoch-making product that cuts cost and enables quick turnaround by the brand-new idea of drilling holes at the ends of beams (near columns) that are subject to the most intense earthquake energy.

HIBUILDAM: Hydraulic seismic vibration damper that can be applied to all manner of buildings, from low-rise to high-rise

Here is an introduction to HIBUILDAM, which has standardized five types of dampening performance and improved building design freedom, and HIBUILDAM Stud, which reduces length and saves space using a special structure for the joints with studs.

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