Building structure based on our well-established technology
Building Constructional Component

We commercialized an exposure type "high base method", featuring a fixed column base, in 1972, and have since achieved good and solid performance for many years, in the architectural field, where reliable performance and simplified construction are required.
In addition, we have been working on Research and Development to challenge the new potential shown by building structural elements, including the "HIRING", which reinforce the through-hole of steel frame beams and "vibration control dampers", which reduce the rolling of the building for the market launch.

Product Category

Vibration Damping Devices

HIBUILDAM is passive hydraulic vibration control device absorbs building vibration by fluid resistance of oil. This product can absorb the vibration generated by big earthquake and wind, and has been widely applied to form super high to low buildings. This product creates the building with excellent seismic resistance and comfortable space.

Reinforcement Method of Steel Beam with Through Hole

The reinforcement is completely performed by HIRING, that is special steel part and simply shaped. This method recreates the steel beam with excellent seismic resistance and pretty shape. Period of works is so much shortened and cost of steel work becomes to be cheaper as compared with traditional method.


As a pioneer of the exposed fixed column base "HIBASE", we have made many results for more than 40 years. To satisfy diversifying customers’ needs, we made new model, "HIBASE NEO".


The SMARTDIA Method enables the size of columns to be changed between upper and lower floors. This method is effective in achieving better cost performance and simplifying the design.


SMARTBRACE method is seismic reinforcement method and easily installable to existing structures.

Delivery Case Studies of Building Constructional Component

Kajima Corporation Akasaka K-Tower

The seismic isolation technology they chose to use at this new landmark building at the gateway to Akasaka was our HIBUILDAM hydraulic seismic vibration dampers.


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