Seismic Isolation Floor System "SKID" "SKIDⅡ" Example of Installment Connections / Layout Drawings / Installment Procedures

High Performance Two Dimensional Base-Isolation Foundation

The SKID by SENQCIA CORPORATION is a high performance two dimensional base-isolation foundation, which is applicable to the floors of existing buildings, thus resolving those problems. The SKID will realize the introduction of a "base-isolation office".

Example of Installment Connections (When Including Restoration Mechanism)

Layout Drawings

Installment Procedures

1Checking base slab

  • The base slab should be checked before the installment.
  • Local unevenness should be repaired.
  • In the case of an aperture such as an outlet, any local unevenness should be repaired and flattened using a thicker steel sheet.

2Installment of stainless steel plates

The base slab should be cleaned and entirely covered with stainless steel plates, which are then bonded to the base slab.

The installment of the stainless steel plates is completed.

3Assembly of the base-isolation frame

The base-isolation frame should be assembled with coupling material and braces.

Installment of the base-isolation frame is completed.

4Installment of the rised floor on the fixed portion

Installment of the raised floor on the fixed portion.

5Installment of the damper coiled spring for restoration mechanism

The fixing fitting on the restoration mechanism should be fixed on the slab using the anchor bolt.

Installment of the damper coiled spring is completed.

6Level adjustment and installation of the pedestals for the base-isolation device

Level adjustment of the base-isolation frame.

Pedestals are installed on the frame.

The level of each of the holding feet is adjusted on the frame.

7Installment of the raised floor on the base-isolation device

Floor panels should be installed.

Installment of the raised floor is completed.

8Installation of a guard metal fitting for the panel on the buffer portion

The guard metal fitting for the panel on the buffer portion should be installed on the outer circumference of the base-isolation area.

Installation of the guard metal fitting is completed.

9Installment of panels on the buffer portion

Installment of panels on the buffer portion.

10Completion of Seismic Isolation Floor System "SKID"

Completion of all installation.

Delivery Case Studies of Raised Floor System

Densan. Co., Ltd. New head office building

Our floor system for under-floor air-conditioning (Bifu) was chosen for the floors of this stylish building.

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