Seismic Isolation Floor System "SKID" "SKIDⅡ" Characteristics

High Performance Two Dimensional Base-Isolation Foundation

The SKID by SENQCIA CORPORATION is a high performance two dimensional base-isolation foundation, which is applicable to the floors of existing buildings, thus resolving those problems. The SKID will realize the introduction of a "base-isolation office".

Installation example of Seismic Isolation Floor System "SKID" Restoration
  • 1

    High performance - Highly evaluated excellent reliability

    • A load-bearing capacity of 10,000N/m2 is realized.
    • The input acceleration of seismic motion can be reduced to 1/5 to 1/20.
    • Due to less friction resistance, it exhibits excellent base isolating effects even for medium/small scale earthquake.
    • Acceleration was attenuated to one tenth that of the input. (In the cases of waves observed by Kobe Marine Observatory)
    • Its excellent reliability was also highly evaluated by a public institution (the Ministry of Land, infrastructure and Transportation).
  • 2

    Low height - Base-isolation floor with a low floor height

    • Base-isolation foundations, which can be introduced to even renewal cases
    • A floor height of 11 ㎝ is realized.
    • A height level execution equivalent to that of an office floor is possible.
  • 3

    Lightweight - Light system weight

    • Overwhelmingly lightweight as base-isolation foundations
    • The minimum equipment weight is 17.1 ㎏/m2.
    • No study of the carrying-load capacities for building frames of existing buildings is necessary.
  • 4

    Installment efficiency - The excellent installment efficiency helps achieve a reduction in the installment term.

    • Due to its unit assembly structure, it realized a doubling of its execution speed. (Comparison with the conventional one)
    • A partial renewal of existing offices is also possible.

Delivery Case Studies of Raised Floor System

Densan. Co., Ltd. New head office building

Our floor system for under-floor air-conditioning (Bifu) was chosen for the floors of this stylish building.

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