Seismic Isolation Floor System "KEEP"

Adaptable to Two-Dimensional and Full Three-Dimensional Base-Isolation.

The KEEP seismic isolation floor absorbs vibration via an oil damper and a vertical coiled spring and can thereby exert a damping performance during a vibration test corresponding to a large-scale earthquake.


  • 1

    This base-isolation foundation is the world's first full three-dimensional base-isolation foundation, characterized in that a vertical base-isolation foundation is incorporated into a horizontal base-isolation foundation.

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    In a test, conducted based on the assumption of a large-scale earthquake occurring, a horizontal seismic wave and vertical seismic wave can be damped to one fifteenth and one quarter of their original extent respectively, as response waves.

  • 3

    Two-dimensional and three-dimensional seismic vibration energy can be absorbed via the oil damper and the vertical coiled spring.

  • 4

    Execution of this base-isolation foundation can be performed irrespective of existing and new buildings.


Certification of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Base-isolation foundations structuring method
"Seismic Isolation Floor System 'KEEP' (two dimensions)"
"Seismic Isolation Floor System 'KEEP' (three dimensions)"

Vibration Stage Test

Result of the simultaneous vibration tests, horizontally and vertically

Result of the simultaneous vibration tests, horizontally and vertically

Example of analyzing Hyogo ken-Nambu Earthquake

Example of analyzing Hyogo ken-Nambu Earthquake

Schematic View

Schematic View of Partially Three-Dimensional Base-Isolation Foundation "KEEP"

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