IS500 Characteristics

Profile Steel Floor for Existing Building

Because component parts are prefabricated before shipment, this IS500 is optimal for renewal constructions etc., which require simplified installment of work. In addition, despite the low profile floor type, the entire under floor space can be used as a wiring space. Standardized lightweight / grooved type for low profile floors is 40 / 50 ㎜ height.


  • 1

    High-speed installment! Around 400m2 per day (Based on the execution condition of one room per floor by three operators).

  • 2

    A considerable amount of wire can be contained, while cables can be drawn easy without any specific tool.

Delivery Case Studies of Raised Floor System

Fukaya-city New office building

Fukaya-city choose our lightweight steel floor (WSA500) for its ability to improve constructability.


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