• 1


    • Air conditioning, which does not stir dust due to the piston airflow from floor to ceiling.
    • Odors are also removed swiftly without retention.
  • 2

    Energy saving

    • Air conditioning effective only within the living space is possible.
    • Mild air conditioning and reduced load for air conditioners due to the smaller temperature difference and low blowing air speed setting.
  • 3

    Low noise

    • Reduced air conditioning noise due to the under floor chamber achieves a comfortable and quieter environment.
  • 4

    Free ceiling design

    • A design without ducts suspended from the ceiling or ceiling finishing boards is possible.
    • Upgraded design patentability due to the introduction of various kinds of design.
  • 5

    Facilitation of layout change

    • A comfortable personal space is realized through facilitation of layout changes, which is a benefit of the raised floor.
    • An air conditioning layout meeting personal needs is realized.
  • 6

    Elimination of heat generated by OA equipment

    • Heat elimination through the ceiling copes with increasing heat value.
    • An ideal form of air conditioning, which allows heat to escape to the upper side, is realized.

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