Whisker Countermeasures

Enlarged view of whisker

We got underway quicker than the rest. A computing room is the venue for the development of products for which countermeasures against whisker have been taken, utilizing our original technology.


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    The product features and performance were checked under severe conditions:

    Namely, the performance was verified for a period approximately seven times the acceleration time (500 hours), which is the time required for a general acceleration test, and no occurrence of whisker was found.

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    High corrosion resistance:

    The product has corrosion resistance equivalent to normal electrogalvanizing with high corrosion resistance. Even when the product is scratched, the iron can be protected against corrosion based on the difference in electric potential between iron and zinc. (The product is more effective against scratches in comparison with other forms of plating and coating.)

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    Burnished finish:

    The product has a high-value finish, similar to general electrogalvanizing.

The Enemy of Computing Systems

The space under the floor of a computing room is used as an air conditioning duct in order to cool the heat generated by a computer. With respect to members used for the under floor space within which cooled air flows from the air conditioner, they are subject to electrogalvanizing in order to ensure corrosion resistance. However, this process is said to have the potential to cause whisker. When the whisker is broken for any reason, there is the potential for the broken whisker to possibly be scattered due to the air conditioning flow, whereupon it may invade the inside of the computer and have adverse effects on the same.

Cause of error in a computing system referred from whisker

Plating with a New Idea for Countermeasure against Whisker (Option)

There is no potential for whisker to occur in our panels, because none of them are subjected to electrogalvanizing. With respect to pedestals, we approached the development of plating to take countermeasures against whisker, since steel members of the pedestal are subject to the electrogalvanizing process. We devise an original method, by which a burnished finish can be provided to ensure and maintain the commercial value of electrogalvanizing and facilitate it as a countermeasure against whisker.

Glossary [Whisker]

Whisker means single needle crystals occurring from zinc, so small (Diameter: approximately 2 .) as to be barely visible to the naked eye. The following fact was recently clarified. Whisker occurs due to electrogalvanizing performed on a panel or pedestal of the computing room and subsequently invades the internal parts of the computer, where short circuits may cause trouble, such as system error.

How whisker occurs:
Zinc is thought to become recrystallized to release the internal stress of the electrogalvanized layer, thus causing whisker to occur in the case of electrogalvanizing.

Scatter Prevention Cover for Adaptable to Existing Raised Floor

Scatter Prevention Cover

With respect to a pedestal which is not subject to any anti-whisker countermeasure, attaching a cover can prevent any whisker scattering. This is not a perfect countermeasure, but this cover can significantly reduce the risk of whisker scatter. Flame-resistant resin (polyvinyl chloride) is used as the material for the cover.

Delivery Case Studies of Raised Floor System

TIS Inc.

TIS Inc. chose our A600L and G600L lines of floor panels with highly customizable design capabilities.

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