Optional materials are presented. These installations to a computer room floor create raised floors with high added value.

Grill (A and B types are also available.)
Steel made grill with damper
Slide shutter (with an aperture adjustment function)

Panel Fixing Method

Four corners fixing method
Panel fixing method

Special Conductive Pad (Patented Product)

It reduces troubles caused from the generation of static electricity generation within computer rooms.

Example of a special conductive pad installation
  • 1

    Causes of electrostatic disorder arise from the floor

    • Damage of cushion pads due to long term use
    • Faulty electrical conductivity at panel holding parts due to the flow of liquid such as wax.
    • Rattle due to the faulty leveling of holding feet
  • 2

    Countermeasures against electrostatic disorders arising from the floor

    • Improved durability by the use of metal mesh composite
    • Prevention of faulty electrical conductivity by a cleaning effect due to point contacts at the protrusions of metal meshes
    • Reduced rattles of the panels along with improved durability also improves the walking feeling.
  • *
    The product was jointly developed with Hitachi Systems, Ltd.


Panel Lifter
Panel Lifter for Grill
Drop prevention frame for equipment feet

Delivery Case Studies of Raised Floor System

TIS Inc.

TIS Inc. chose our A600L and G600L lines of floor panels with highly customizable design capabilities.

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