Earthquake Proof System

Status of an equipment fixing execution Example of a panel anchor installation

The earthquake countermeasures for equipment to prevent slide or upset of devices or equipment on the raised floor. The installation is performed by the following methods according to the installation environment and the operating conformation of the devices and equipment.

When considering the execution of your construction, please consult maintenance companies or the manufacturers of the devices and equipment.

Backgrounds of the Vibration Test

Installation method Installation of
the panel anchor
Installation of
the pedestal hook
Installation of
the frame anchor
Fixing of the
Example of installation
Counter-measure method Fix equipment / devices to the panel, then fix the hardware to the slab via an anchor through a turnbuckle. Fix equipment / devices to the panel, then fix the panel to a pedestals by a turnbuckle. Penetrating the panel from the equipment / devices, fix them to an anchor through a turnbuckle of the slab immediately below the panel. Fix to a pedestals fastened to the slab by fixed type panel material.
The temporary
transfer of devices
and equipment
Unnecessary (To prevent problems, the power supplies of the equipment / devices need to be turned off during the work.) Necessary Necessary Unnecessary
Anchor bolt
fixing to slab
Necessary Unnecessary
(Confirmation of the fixing strength of the holding feet to the slab is necessary.)
Necessary Unnecessary
Exposure of the fastening hardware to devices and equipment With exposures With exposures Without exposures With exposures
Interference with the under floor wiring With a little Few Few Few
  • Study of the bodies of devices and equipment is necessary to select an installing method.
  • All methods require sufficient raised floor panel strength. In addition, the applicable Floor height is H = 300㎜ or more.

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