Computer Room Floor Systems

This product is a floor system for computer rooms or server rooms etc., which has a larger amount of wiring and cables to be contained under floor than regular in the office.
We can construct systems with excellent antistatic performance and/or quake-resistance, in response to your needs.

Product List

Aluminum Die-cast Panel

Raised floor systems with excellent whisker counter as well as antistatic performance and quake resistance.

Steel Type Panel

This product is fully made of steel and is recyclable. It is applicable to various surface materials such as tile or sheets.

Installment Method and Data

Surface Finishing Materials / Installment

Materials except the surface panel and examples of installment are also presented.

Seismic Construction Method / Application Table

The seismic construction method includes the standard method, HK (pipe feet) method, HS (stringer) method and HN (foot posts) method.


Our products are certified and evaluated by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization and the Public Buildings Association., Ltd.

Earthquake Proof System

The method of fixing equipment to a raised floor as an earthquake countermeasure is introduced.

Whisker Countermeasures

SENQCIA CORPORATION has introduced its whisker countermeasures in the form of its own technologies, immediately preceding those of other companies.


Optional items such as slide shutters and special conductive pads etc. are available.

Delivery Case Studies of Raised Floor System

TIS Inc.

TIS Inc. chose our A600L and G600L lines of floor panels with highly customizable design capabilities.

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