Slide Shutter

Putting on the Square pipe type

It can be mounted on the back surface of a grill in order to control the ventilation volume. You may select one of two types, in which it is fixed to a grill or placed on the square pipe, according to the groundwork methods. In addition, the installation of an air filter or rack and a pinion type, capable of finely adjusting the ventilation volume, is also available.

Standard type
Rack and pinion type
Appearance of a shutter installation

Panel Separation Frame Processing

The picture represents an example of 3-partition. Two-, 4- or 6-partition versions are also available.

It is used to raise up the pipe for instruments etc. The free space is plugged up by panels or grills.


  • Frame material: Steel (Ni-Cr plating)
  • Panel material: Aluminum die-cast

Method Used to Reinforce Cable Cut Panel / Others

Method used to reinforce cable cut panel

Example of the G600P plated panel installment


Hikker for Grill

Delivery Case Studies of Raised Floor System

Densan. Co., Ltd. New head office building

Our floor system for under-floor air-conditioning (Bifu) was chosen for the floors of this stylish building.

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