Cross Base

Cross Base is the structural base for solution of micro vibration on clean room floor. Micro Vibration on the Clean Room Floor typically caused by walking vibration and others coming out of operating machines and equipment there, often deteriorates accuracy of manufacturing and inspection and consequence lower yield. "Cross Base" is designed and made to make drastic reduction of such micro vibration in the clean room.

Pedestal Type
Beam type

How does "Cross Base" work?

Cross Base can be installed to existing clean room while clients keep operating.

Relocation? Interrupt operation? Choice of Surface Floor Height
Cross Base Yes No Plenty of Choice Wide range
Conventional Structure No Yes Limited Limited


  • 1

    Easy Layout Change in Clean Room!

    • Cross Base is not permanently located. Assembly is done right in Clean Room, and easy to relocate whenever clients need layout change often required when renewing or modifying equipments. Sizing on relocation is unnecessary as Cross Base has size of 600*600㎜, equal to Floor Panel.
  • 2

    No interruption of clean room when installed!

    • Cross Base can be installed while clients keep operating of clean room as removal of originally installed pedestals is not required. No lift or crane is required on installation, as maximum weight of Cross Base is as light as 33㎏. Time consuming clean aging is not required as dust making material such as concrete are not used.
  • 3

    Wide selection for top surface material!

    • Top surface of Cross Base has wide range of material and treatment due to using Aluminum die cast panel on the top. Namely stainless steel plate, melamine plate, sheet, and tile can be bonded, as well as Ni-Cr and electro conductive epoxy can be plated or painted.

How to measure micro vibration?

Cross Base can be installed to existing clean room while clients keep operating.

Delivery Case Studies of Raised Floor System

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Our floor system for under-floor air-conditioning (Bifu) was chosen for the floors of this stylish building.

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