Clean Room Floor Systems

The integration of semiconductors is increasingly progressing, while there has also been outstanding progress made in terms of the accompanying accuracy of peripheral equipment. These efforts are supported by the use of super clean rooms. To eliminate dust, as a matter of course, the floor materials partly responsible for the space are subject to stringent checks.
The clean floor, created through the rich experience and performance of SENQCIA CORPORATION for double floors, will respond to the highly developing needs for the domain of electronic precision instruments, supported by its comprehensive technical capabilities.

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Product Specification

The specifications, load grade and product shape of various panels are presented.

Product Performance

A performance test to confirm the various clean room floor performances is presented.

Groundwork Construction Method

The groundwork execution method is presented.


A slide shutter and panel separation frame etc. are presented as options for the clean room floor.

Delivery Case Studies of Raised Floor System

Densan. Co., Ltd. New head office building

Our floor system for under-floor air-conditioning (Bifu) was chosen for the floors of this stylish building.

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