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Here is an introduction to our products born under the concept of "creating comfortable and convenient floor spaces." Illustrations and other easy-to-understand information below provide a more in-depth explanation of the innovative products that we have created under our integrated system that encompasses everything from design and development, to manufacturing and installation.

Lightweight Steel Floor WSA500NEW

The low price trend in the market for office floors has only intensified in recent years. At the same time, customers are demanding higher quality and added value, including surfaces that are strong, comfortable to walk on, and even stronger than before. To answer these needs, we developed new floor panels that combine steel plates with a core made out wooden materials.

Cross Base: Micro-vibration solution for cleanrooms

Here is an introduction to Cross Base, our new product that has the rigidity to withstand micro-vibration that affects miniaturized products at production sites and the flexibility to be easily disassembled and moved thanks to its light weight and prefabricated design.

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